Sooo I recently read a tweet from one of my favorite athletes and it was literally just the quote “you have the wings”. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about this tweet. I often tend to think “oh, I wish in a few years I live in NYC and be involved in the fashion industry”. But why do I always include the phrase “I wish” and not “I will”? That was one of the moments I realized that no-one is going to simply hand me my dream life, I have to go get it. I already have what it takes to build the foundation of my dream life and it would be a waste of time wishing I had that life now. I am a big advocate of “everything happens for a reason” and maybe it was meant for me to see this tweet. It finally hit me and I started wondering “why am I wasting all this time wishing someday I have my dream life, when it’s my duty to work hard and get it”.

Of course I am open to every possible new opportunity, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do my best, working towards my dreams. So what this article really is, is a promise to myself to always remember that I have the wings, I just need to let them do their own thing and have faith it’s going to work out just fine.