So, FINALLY I am an official university student. I’ve been part of long distance classes for the past year and yesterday I had my first in person class and the feelings are so mixed. I met my classmates and went for a coffee with some of them. My experience thus far has been really good, but I have to mention a funny situation that happened today.

Soooo yesterday I saw a cute guy in my class, but we didn’t talk at all. Today after class, I went to grab a coffee with some of my classmates and he came along. He started talking to me and one of his first lines was “I really like your instagram”. I said politely “thank you” and he continued the convo with the phrase “I was looking it with my girlfriend and she said she thinks you’re really talented and aesthetic”. What exactly am I supposed to say when the guy I like tells me his girlfriend likes my instagram? First of all, I find it kind of weird that he just stalks my profile with his gf, but besides that, I had no clue what to say. So I said “oh thanks”, while my few chances with him sunk. As my friend group was walking towards the metro, my friend told me “I see you have a connection with him” and I was like “unfortunately, he has a girlfriend”. But who knows. Uni has just started and maybe this is our chance to develop a beautiful friendship.

But yeah. That was pretty much my uni experience of the first two days. I’ve only been to three classes and the first one was definitely the most amazing. I’ll talk to you soon with updates on my new chapter in life.