So I heard you love fashion, but you are not on Pinterest. Girl, you have no clue what you are missing. Think of Pinterest like that: it’s the Wikipedia of fashion. You can not only find an outfit for any possible event, but it actually helps you find your style and aesthetic. Whether your style tends to be more edgy, y2k, cottage core or streetwear, you will find inspiration for your next outfit.

For instance, whatever Hailey Bieber, Lauren Giraldo and Alisha Marie would wear, is exactly my cup of tea when I’m looking for an outfit. What you can do to help you find your style is to take a look on the outfits you like more on instagram or even your closet. You’ll see that they have something in common, like being more baggy or having bright colors. These are the clues you can go ahead and search on Pinterest and you’ll end up with a bunch of fit options, which you can save the ones you like the most into a board. So every time you want inspiration, you just have to check your board and there you have a ton of options. Also, outfit Pinterest boards really come in handy when you are out shopping, you see a piece you like but don’t know how to style it. So, what are you waiting for?Download it and get started on your fashion dreams.



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