So, it might sound surprising in some of you, but I wasn’t invited to the Met Gala (apparently Anna Wintour doesn’t think I’m that influensive). But I watched everything that happened and all the gorgeous couture that was there from the comfort of my bed. So let’s talk about some of the fashion choices that caught my eye there.

Kim Kardashian

Let’s be realists: what was that girl?  You, out of many people, go above and beyond every year with the Met Gala fits and this year you wore a head to toes black shirt. I have heard conspiracy theories saying that that wasn’t even Kim Kardashian, it was a body double, but I don’t really think so. Maybe it haw something to do with the whole KKW rebrand thing. Guess the future will show us.

Kendall Jenner


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A gorgeous girl. That Givenchy dress has a special place to my heart. It was so glamorous, but still elegant. I think it’s the best Met Gala outfit we have ever seen Kendall in. I said it and I believe it.

Lili Reinhart

The dress Lili wore is an absolute floral dream. If I was in a Dior perfume commercial, this is the dress I would want to be in. The colors, the shape, it was amazing. Also, can we talk for a sec about how much it complemented her skin tone.

Camila Cabello

I know the opinions about Camila’s outfit were controversial. I personally think it’s really pretty. This shade of purple worked so good with her hair color that left me in awe. Also, I freaking love her with Shawn Mendes, they are such a cute couple and their appearance at the Met Gala, stunning, just stunning.

Addison Rae

Okay, let’s be honest: I love Addison. I think she’s so talented and passionate about what she’s doing, but the red dress she wore, it wasn’t really it for me. We’ve seen her in the past in much more stylish and fashionable outfits, so it was kind of a let down. A classic red dress , which by the way she borrowed from Kourtney Kardashian, MAJOR TEA, can be worn under a lot of circumstances and I expected something more from her.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you soon.