So I was that kid that was really athletic. I did swimming and track for as long as I remember, but eventually I had to put them on hold because I had to focus on my educational goals. Keep in mind that I always absolutely loved my food and it was my favorite time of the day when I got to eat. So, born a foodie and no exercise, you do the math. After a few years of that happening, I started feeling not confident with myself and as if I was trapped in a foreign body. So I did a 180.

I am an all or nothing person. If I am doing something, I AM DOING IT. I also know that in order to stick to something, I need to keep myself motivated on that  24/7. So I got a one-year membership in a gym near my house. You may think “a year, that sounds like a lot when you haven’t worked out in a while.”. Yeah, I know. My thought behind that was that I had already paid for it (okay, my dad paid for it, but I’ll pay him back asap, I promise) and I’m not about to waste that money. When I started going, I began to feel a lot better mentally and that motivated me so much to keep going. And as weird as it seems to by younger self, I actually enjoy it so much. Not only I feel like I’m taking care of myself, but it also gives structure to my day. I don’t make excuses anymore, because I plan all of my workouts and stuff I need to do everyday and some of my meals.

I also started listening to my body. For instance, when I’m on my period, I will do lighter workouts and not sweat excessively, because I know that my body is going through a lot at this time.

So yeah. This is pretty much how I got from being not active and kinda miserable to happier and a lot more active.