So I have a little story time for you. When I was very young, I wanted to be liked by everyone. I was so scared of the fact that someone might not vibe with me that I did everything I could to prevent it. It was so bad that I kept doing things so I would make other people happy, even tho I wasn’t happy. As I grew up, it got to a point that I was in a very toxic group of friends that dropped me the second I said no to something. That was the moment I realized that if I want to be a strong, independent woman that achieves everything she puts into her mind, I need to start acting like one. So I did. I completely stopped associating myself with people who didn’t make me happy and I was only with them because I was afraid of being alone. Started focusing more on myself and how I can improve my life, while also working towards my goals.

I also realized that I love doing things by myself. First thing in the morning every single day, I would go to the gym by myself and all week I would wait for the weekend, when I got the chance to go with my family to our beach house and ride my bike by the beach. Wanna know a secret? Every time I ride my bike by that beach, I go to my favorite spot and watch the sunset. It’s my favorite time of the week. I cool off, breath and remember that, sooner or later, things are going to fall into place. That is exactly what helps me empower my inner self and say proudly “I AM A GIRLBOSS AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE”.

I often get kinda buzzed when I see a comment on my TikTok saying something negative, but then I remember “it is a just a sad stranger who wants to bring me down, don’t let them”. So say it with me. I am a boss and no one can tell me otherwise.